Facebook Managers

You can now focus on your business!

Dedicated Facebook Page Managers for your business.

Services and Pricing

  • Business Page Setup
    AUD $199Once off
      • Facebook Marketing Strategy (valued $199)
      • Plan your Facebook Marketing Strategy
      • Connect with business network
      • Connect with your local network
      • Manage industry related keywords
      • Identify TREND keywords in your industry
      • Business Identity (valued $99)
      • Manage Business Location, Address
      • contacts of your business
      • Create a unique profile graphic
      • Create a responsive cover banner
      • Brief Descriptions of your business
      • Website links and Emails addresses
      • Upload photos (up to 20)
      • Inter connect your website to your facebook page
  • Facebook Promotions
    AUD $150Weekly
    • 50% off Facebook Page Setup
    • $2500 yearly Facebook Marketing (pro rata)
    • 30 Facebook Post per month
    • 120 Facebook Engagements
    • Unlimited responses
    • Weekly follow of Social Network
    • Progressive report on Monthly basis
    • Quarterly strategy revision
    • Cover Graphic Monthly update
    • Profile Graphic Monthly update
    • 20 Photos / Graphics update
    • prepaid Bi Weekly
    • Cancel Anytime, no contract

Our Services

Facebook Page Setup

Having a properly setup Facebook Page is crucial to sending the right message to your customers and many more potential clients. We will optimize and completely setup the page profile sections including About, Contact, Description, Website links, with the right key words to get maximum exposure even through search results in Google and other search engines.

Cover Banner Design

Cover Banner is the First thing your visitors will see when they visit your page, and it is vital to engage with your visitors and make them your FANs. We will create a cover banner that represents your brand and showcases your products or services while it drawing attention to be a FAN. (note: once they click and become your FANs, your page get instantly promoted across their social networks)

Profile Graphics

Relevant profile graphic for your page will provide constant exposure of your brand and your business to your FANs. We will design a unique profile graphic for your page so that any post or engagements will standout and be noticed with your unique Profile Photo.

Timely Facebook Posts and Photos

Thoroughly researched topics related to your Business will be researched monthly and will be provided for your approval before posting. Posts will be scheduled to ensure you have maximum engagement with your Fan and to promote your business exposure.

Engage with Fans

Fan Engagement is one of our prime focus to ensure your business grow organically through Facebook Social Media. We will engage with your social network including Liked Pages, related Pages, and Fans responses

Progress Report

Tracking the performance of any marketing technique is a must for any business in this digital age. Your Facebook Page progress, growth rate, engagement levels will be compiled and provided on a quarterly basis to ensure it is most effective form of marketing for your business.

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Contact Us

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